The Benefits of EMS Training

EMS training is scientifically proven to be 18X's more effective than a standard gym workout. Whether you’re an elite athlete in training or a senior who wants to rebuild lost muscle mass due to aging, this technique will help you improve your performance and mobility, also improving circulation and metabolism.

In just 20 minutes twice a week, you’ll see a marked improvement in your muscle mass and overall strength within 30 days. For men, EMS training can help increase testosterone levels while building muscles, and for women, it can balance hormones and estrogen levels which will help to tighten and tone all your major muscle groups.

Even with minimal exertion during the treatment, you’ll still see results—and you’ll love the way you feel.



Raise testosterone levels while building muscle.

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Balance estrogen and hormone levels while tightening and toning muscles. 

EMS is great for healthy seniors helping to rebuild lost muscle mass due to aging, making EMS training suitable for any age group or physical fitness level.

  • If you don't like physical exercise you can lay down on a massage table/bed and still get your muscles stimulated.

  • Better results , faster with less stress-related fatigue.

  • 20 Minutes twice a week.

  • 30 days to a noticeable change