Oxygen Multistep Therapy

Manfred von Ardenne (1907 – 1997) was a brilliant German scientist and inventor. As a medical researcher he discovered a very important mechanism of the human aging process. Along with his discovery he was able to develop a therapy that effectively reversed this mechanism with a corresponding cure to many chronic illnesses. In his textbook, Oxygen Multistep Therapy, he described the results of years of testing his theory along with the chronic conditions that the therapy cured: Erectile dysfunction, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hypotension, and other circulatory disorders.

He found that there was a common condition whereby the capillary beds were swollen, narrowed, and thicken thereby reducing blood flow, increasing blood viscosity and oxygen delivery to the tissues. He called this condition the Cellular Wall Switching Mechanism. He also discover that this condition was reversible. This condition is always present in the aging process but may also occur with:

  • Infection

  • Cancer

  • Trauma

  • Toxicity

  • Low pH (acid)

  • Allergic reactions

  • Low and high blood pressure

  • Anesthesia

  • Noise

  • Hormones

  • Poor nutrition and diet

EWOT: Anti-Aging Research

Several studies show the many benefits of EWOT:

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Aging is characterized by a general decrease in O2 supply to tissues and a reduction in tissue pO2: Hypoxia metabolism in ageing

Aging is associated with hypoxia and oxidative stress in adipose tissue: implications for adipose function

In a clinical examination of 46 patients with EWOT, about 2/3 experienced an increase of resting values of arterial oxygen pressure. "oxygen-multistep-therapy 

Double-blind study on 20 male healthy volunteers from the working population showed a 17% improvement of the energetic or oxygenation state of the subjects two-weeks after the completion of two 15-minute EWOT sessions.

The beneficial effects of EWOT can persist for weeks, months or even years.

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